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By Way of Explanation

I was reading through my Bible School journal the other day and it occurred to me that there might be someone else out there who would benefit from reading it. I guess this assumes that either a) someone out there is as interested in me as I am or b) my life is worth reading about. I'm not certain that either is true, but I suppose all blogs make a similar assumption. I'll let you be the judge of whether it's true in this case.

It's possible (even likely) that I may regret this some day, but I've slept on it and it still seems like a good idea for the moment, so I'll give it a go. For those who don't know me, I should explain that I attended a 1 year Bible School program last year, and that this year had a profound influence on my faith, life, and religious beliefs. The rest should become evident as we go.

This will be an abridged and slightly edited version of my journal. The original version contains both God stuff and occasional girl stuff, and the latter has of course been edited out. I'll also be correcting some of the more embarrassing syntactical errors and glossing over some of the stuff I most wish I'd never written. As is my practice, all names will be edited out so as to protect the anonymity of my friends and acquaintances who (mostly) were not consulted about appearing in my blogs. My goal here is to present an honest, coherent look at the journey that has made me what I am today, which I hope will be encouraging for those who are on similar journeys and thought-provoking for those who are not. The bulk of my entries will be directly from my journal. Any additions or comments will be placed in square brackets [like so] or in italics at the end. I intend to publish in monthly installments.

And that's quite enough preamble. I hope you will find the time you spend here profitable. Let's begin.

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